Fruit Slice Mini Memo Dispensers Sweeten Up Your Desktop


From Japan's D-BOS comes "Kudamemo", sweet little memo dispensers shaped like Apples and Pears! The name is derived from Kudamono, the Japanese word for "fruit". Each one provides 150 leaf-like pages printed on one side only for increased versatility.

Kudamemo sheets may not be self-adhesive like 3M's Post-It notes but that's hardly a drawback. Attaching a memo with a color-coordinated paper clip is almost as good; maybe even better because really, who doesn't like fresh fruit?

You can order Kudamemo dispensers in your choice of Apple or Pear for 1,890 yen (about $20) each - cuteness and exclusivity have their price. I'd leave the price tag on to make for an even more impressive gift.

Oh, and you can order either variety in a case of 6. That'll cost you 11,340 yen (about $120) but they come packed in a cardboard grocery-style case with each dispenser wrapped in one of those net thingies just like high-end real fruit. Sweet! For more info and to order, contact Rinkya Stores