Fruit & Veggies Rattles

These baby rattles are not only beautiful; they are high quality as well. Each rattle is knit by hand by talented artisans. The exterior is soft and brightly colored and each rattle measures from about 3 to 6 inches.

Fruit & Veggies RattlesFruit & Veggies Rattles

And these little guys actually do double-duty; use them as rattles or stick them in the fridge for teethers. The rattles come in a variety of delicious colors and faux "flavors" including pear, orange, watermelon, carrot, cauliflower and radish.

 Fruite & Veggie RattlesFruite & Veggie Rattles

Each individual rattle retails for $12.  You can also purchase the rattles in a set of 6 that come in a  a cute wooden crate for under $70.

Source and Photos:  Romp Store

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