Full-Bodied Brows: Eyebrow Resoration Is The New Hair Loss Treatment

Photo courtesy Eyebrow Transplantation by Dr. EpsteinPhoto courtesy Eyebrow Transplantation by Dr. EpsteinFull-bodied brows are all the rage. Some of us may have over plucked our brows or don't have the genetics for full eyebrows. You can pencil in your brows, or if you're feeling brave, you can tattoo them in. If you're looking for something permanent and natural, though, you can try a treatment that has been growing in popularity recently. Eyebrow transplants are the latest innovation in hair restoration. With eyebrow transplants, you'll have your beautiful full-bodied brows in no time. 

Eyebrow restoration is perfect for women with damaged follicles. This could have been from over-plucking or over-waxing, back when the thin brows were all the rage and the tweezers were our best friend. However, if your brows are thinning because of genetics, trauma, or a low thyroid condition, this treatment would work for you, too. Surgeons place hairs individually and meticulously along the brow bone at specific angles. Placing the hairs is actually a tedious process, so make sure you find a credited surgeon. The hairs grow slowly over the first few months, but at the year mark, you will finally have your full-bodied brows.It's that simple.

 I've penciled in pair after pair of eyebrows working as a make-up artist, and I really think some women (and men) I know could benefit from eyebrow restoration. If you're fed up with drawing in your brows or sick of dyeing them, eyebrow transplantation is the way to go. If you're finally ready for the va va voom of full-bodied brows, eyebrow restoration is an innovative hair loss treatment you will love.

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May 16, 2014
by Anonymous

It is a good trend to see,

It is a good trend to see, full bodied eyebrows is the latest fashion. People with the thin eyebrow lines are at problem, such hair restoration techniques are of great help.