Fun With Bullet Heaven: An Online Shooting Game

Are you bored, sitting there in front of your computer screen with nothing else to do? I came across this game while I was on my break: Bulle Heaven.

It's a simple and pretty basic shooting game but I think it's geared toward a younger audience. I say that because most shooters I've seen have a lot of gory scenes and blood-hungry beasts swarming all across the screen trying to tear your guts out.

This one, on the other hand, pits you against glowing trees, skeleton-looking mushrooms, and harmless looking felines.

Bullet Heaven is a free game sponsored by Kongregate. You have the option to choose between two characters to play as at the beginning. After you finish a level, you can choose to switch to another character or stick to the one you started out with if you want.

You face different enemies of varying strengths in each level. As with every shooter, you get a limited number of lives as well as weapons and power-ups to collect within the game. Grab the floating heart to earn an extra life or collect the gold shield to have a golden orb give you some protection for a short period.

Give it a go if you're up for some mushroom slaying and tree shooting fun.

Click here to play Bullet Heaven.


Apr 17, 2011
by Anonymous

Fun With Bullet Heaven: An Online Shooting Game

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