Fun Facial Hair: 10 Most Weird And Wacky Moustaches And Beards!

On May 23, 2009, the annual Beard and Moustache Championships competition will be taking place in Anchorage, Alaska. Inventor Spot first introduced this strange sport to readers in the "Top 10 Sports From Around The World", and in honor of this strange competition rolling around again, we're counting down the most weird and wacky moustaches and beards from the Beard and Moustache Championship photo gallery!


Fun Facial Hair #1. Longest Natural Beard


As a world renowned best beard champion, this gentleman will never require a scarf in the winter as his long, natural beard can be wrapped around a few times!


Fun Facial Hair #2. The Multi-Genre Beard


This example of fun facial hair is partially reminiscent of the Amish with the long natural beard, and part comic book villain with the heavily styled moustache. According to the BMC, this moustache falls somewhere between the "Wild West" and the "English"


Fun Facial Hair #3. The Moustache or the Beard Facial Hair?


Moustache or beard? Who can really tell what this facial hair's all about; and that's exactly the problem that judges of the Beard and Moustache Championship have had when classifying this entry into the competition; however, it's clearly paid off as this weird and wacky beard and moustache combo has granted this Austrian gentleman a number of championship titles around the world.


Fun Facial Hair #4. The Historical Beard

In a tribute to Berlin, this historical beard represents the Brandenburg Gate.

Need I say more?

Fun Facial Hair #5. The Hair Pretzel

This beard is best known for its stylish design, and sure must take a lot of hairspray to keep in place!

Above via: World Beard and Moustache Championships

Not all weird and wacky beards out their have been entered in competition, and here are a few more notables which certainly make a unique fashion statement!

Fun Facial Hair #6. The "Now I need Help Holding My Head Up"

This weird and wacky moustache/sideburn/beard combination could be considered a deadly weapon, and can you imagine the repercussions on this guy's neck?

Fun Facial Hair #7. The Kitty Whiskers

Playing out your feline fantasies has never been easier with this funky moustache. I hope his significant other isn't a dog person...

Fun Facial Hair #8. Full Torso Facial Hair

This guy couldn't meet his facial hair length fantasies, so he compensated with the addition of full torso facial hair to continue the look. Do I have to point out the risks involved with shaving?

Fun Facial Hair #9. His and Hers Facial Hair

What better way to make a commitment to each other on your wedding day then to wear his and hers matching moustaches? These two won't even need to invest in rings!

Fun Facial Hair #10. The "No Name Will Do Me Justice" Facial Hair

This guy takes facial hair to the extreme, and can you imagine the profile view?

Via: Trendhunter