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Fun Facial Hair: 10 Most Weird And Wacky Moustaches And Beards!

Fun Facial Hair #4. The Historical Beard

In a tribute to Berlin, this historical beard represents the Brandenburg Gate.

Need I say more?

Fun Facial Hair #5. The Hair Pretzel

This beard is best known for its stylish design, and sure must take a lot of hairspray to keep in place!

Above via: World Beard and Moustache Championships

Not all weird and wacky beards out their have been entered in competition, and here are a few more notables which certainly make a unique fashion statement!

Fun Facial Hair #6. The "Now I need Help Holding My Head Up"

This weird and wacky moustache/sideburn/beard combination could be considered a deadly weapon, and can you imagine the repercussions on this guy's neck?

Fun Facial Hair #7. The Kitty Whiskers

Playing out your feline fantasies has never been easier with this funky moustache. I hope his significant other isn't a dog person...