Fun Fashion For Children: The Funky UFO Cap Umbrella

Despite the fact that an umbrella can be an adorable enhancement to a child's outfit when well-coordinated, it can really put a damper on their childhood antics when they lose the use of their hands and are forced to struggle to keep their umbrella upright against the wind. A fun and funky solution helps kids to be kids, and it's a fashion that's totally out of this world!

UFO Cap UmbrellaUFO Cap Umbrella

The UFO Cap Umbrella is a wearable umbrella with a hood that protects children from the elements while helping to hold up the unique weather proof garment, which contains an umbrella shape dome that covers the rest of the body! The childish design is perfect for kids who want to use their imaginations to play pretend and get connected with their inner alien...or, maybe it will just cause them to be made fun of on the playground; who can be sure really.

Via: Neatorama