Fun Fashions:Top 10 Most Fun & Strange Hats!

Hats may be an under used fashion trend, but these hats certainly aren't ones we can expect to see walking around town anytime soon. Just for fun, I've compiled the most fun and strange hats seen to date!

Strange Hat #10. The Strawberries 'N Cream Hat


Can't get your sweet tooth off your mind? Wear it on your head instead! The strawberries and cream hat is fun, flirty, and not as tacky as you might expect! Before toting it to a fashionable event, I would double check the dresscode - but this is a fashion statement perfectly suited to bake sales!

Strange Hat #9 - Unicorn Hat

Probably not quite Kentucky Derby material, the Dueling Unicorn hats aren't for those flying solo, unless their unicorn hat must exert her independence from her partner. These unicorn hats are the stuff fairytales are made of; that is, until they butt heads over who gets to reside on each side of the rainbow.

Strange Hat # 8. The Pretzel Hat

Does this lady know she's wearing a gigantic red pretzel on her head? Considering her prim and proper wardrobe choice, this is without a doubt a bold fashion statement. Perhaps she just couldn't resist her grandaughter's pout when asked why she wasn't wearing the crafy hat she made her for the fashionable event.

Strange Hat #7. The Yummmm, Candy Hat!


Another fun fashion hat for the candy lover, but this time it's edible. The ideal gift for the hostess who just doesn't have enough hands when serving her party. This candy bowl hat is hands free and fashionable!

Strange Hat #6. The Martini Hat

This woman has tried to make her martini hat look a little more classy by strategically placing a few fake flowers, but we all know she whips it out at a late night party when hoping for a refill.