Fun Fashions:Top 10 Most Fun & Strange Hats!

Strange Hat #5.  The Turkey Hat

The fun fashion hat for those that don't want to be overshawn by the centerpiece during family holiday celebrations at Thanksgiving or Christmas. The Turkey Hat will make you the life of any holiday party!

Strange Hat # 4. The Walking Target Hat

Fashion for those with a deathwish, I deal for playing a modified game of russian roulette with an error, for the risktakers at any party. Actually, this hat appears to be a vinyl record, which is a weird and wacky hat too...

Strange Hat #3. The Ashtray Hat

A bold fashion statement, whether it's for or against smoking. Hopefully it's free of an ashtray odor, but probably right for the fashionable pyromaniacs.

Strange Hat #3. The Couch Hat

couch hatcouch hat

Fashionable headwear for the lazy fashionista, or mommy on the go; can also double as seat. Or, transport your pampered tiny pooch in luxury.

Strange Hat #2. The Bathroom Hat

I think it's clear what the designer of this hat had on his/her mind when creating this funny fashion item. If only the fixtures on the bathroom hat could accomodate more than a doll!

Strange Hat #1. ??? You Deicide ???

Show me the #1 fun or strange fashionable hat you've come across!

Via:, Very Bored