Four Fun Toys to Drive Your Cat Crazy

I just gave my cat, Buster, a pinch of catnip. As I type this, he's rolling around on the floor, drooling, with his eyes figuratively crossed. His giant paws are doing the "I'm happy" twitch.

Drooling, rolling, cross-eyed... catnip addictionDrooling, rolling, cross-eyed... catnip addiction

As you can see by the picture, catnip isn't necessarily going to give your cat exercise. I know that some cats race madly about the house when on the stuff-but not Buster. He weighs in at a hefty 25 pounds (not kidding-he's huge!). As I watched him flopping about, I came to the decision that he could use a workout of some sort. So I hit the ‘Net looking for a solution.

At first glance this thing looks like a mouse from the Terminator movies. Or maybe a Transformer; it turns from a robotic mouse into... I dunno, a Jeep or something.


Cats, being cats, will investigate everything. And that is the key to Ethical Pet's Cy-purr Mouse. It only takes a "meow" or the prodding of a paw to make this robot rodent start moving unpredictably about the room. Its eyes flash and it makes these kind'a creepy, high-pitched sounds that are sure to make your cat run amuck. After fifteen seconds, it goes inert, leaving kitty to stare at it... and to prod it once more, as that's what cats do.

Next we have the Play-N-Squeak Microchip Hedgehog.

This little guy (standing a massive three-inches in height) can take multiple hits from flying felines, makes squeaking noises, and wiggles around. Sounds like something that would either scare the hell out of your cat or make him go on the offensive.

I have to pity the Microchip Hedgehog a little; it's loaded with catnip. That alone assures its fate.


Then there is the Motion Activated Cat Ball from Ethical Cat.

At the flick of a paw, this ball lights up with rainbow colored LED lights. Though perfect for play in a dark room, I suspect that your cat will keep you awake with the light show this thing puts out.

But, in my opinion, the crème de la crème of cat toys has to be the Spot Radio Controlled Mouse.

This little sucker goes forward, backward and can be steered throughout the house at high-speed. The ultimate in feline exercise equipment-though I'd recommend keeping it on hard surfaces, as the wheels have a tendency to get entwined in carpet threads and such.

Check these little guys out:


Tell me that's not crazy cute. I dare ya.

So, if you don't want your cat to develop an addiction to catnip (Buster is horribly close to doing so-I'm thinkin' kitty rehab, followed by a stint on Feline Biggest Loser... I mean, come on! He's twenty-five pounds!!!! Egad!!!!) I would highly recommend you check out these toys. The least that can happen is that your cat will actually get some activity... though you may suffer a few sleepless nights from all of the zooming about.

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