Kitchen Tools That Stick Their Tongues Out!

Kids have a blast in the kitchen when the gadgets are interesting to them, but you don't need kids to help you smile when you use Koziol's Hermann, Donna, or Oliver to help you cook.

Koziol is a German design and manufacturing company that enjoys tinkering in humorous but practical items for the home such as its new kitchen gadgets, the cooking collection with personality!

Yes, they are all sticking their tongues out at you, when you hang them up on the specially designed tongue hook bar. But, what I love about these, is even with their tongues hanging out, the Koziol kitchen tools are always smiling... and you can't help but smile back.



Here's Donna, the Strainer Spoon, who has holes in all the right places to strain veggies and assorted noodles and spices that may be lurking, or cooking, in liquids.








Here's Hermann the Spatula, the best little flipper in town!  Available in orange, white, black, and green, Hermann is devoted to keeping Donna company. 




And the third member of the jolly trio, Oliver the Stirring Spoon, awaits the love of his life, the chocolate mousse or, in fact, whatever you need him for.  His favorite colors are orange, white, black, and green... and, coincidentally, those are the colors he wears.

UPDATE: These items are no longer available. But  Koziol has a new utensil set that is really adorable. They also have an amazing selection of cute and clever kitchen gadgets worth checking out.






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