Functional Sculpture At It's Best With TaoTronics Desk Lamp - Review

In this day and age, everything is getting sleeker. Your phone is getting more compact and better looking. Your laptop computer looks like Donald Trump custom ordered it. Even your phone charger has become so detail-oriented that it sits beautifully on your crisp, clean desk, pretending to be some piece of artwork. Let’s be honest, why wouldn’t you want your everyday “stuff” to look great. If you’re going to have to look at something over and over, it should make you happy to look at, right? So, today we have another product to add to your sleek, modern technology arsenal. The TaoTronics Desk Lamp will replace that old desk lamp that was a pain to look at, and put a better functioning and better looking lamp in it’s spot to please your eyes day after day. Let’s get into the review.

I got a free sample of the lamp for my review.  When I received it, I noticed right out of the box that this lamp isn’t a joke. Padded all around with some strong Styrofoam, your lamp won’t break even if it did get a few good bumps on the way to your place. Out of the box, you’ll get your lamp, a user guide, a power cable, and a sweet microfiber cloth (who doesn’t love those) to keep your lamp clean all the time. How thoughtful of them to give us one of those, right!  But, enough about the box! We want to know about the lamp itself.

Packaging For The TaoTronics Desk LampPackaging For The TaoTronics Desk Lamp


Let me just tell you now… It looks good. And no, I’m not just saying this because I want to give a positive review or that I got a sample for free. This thing actually looks really nice. It’s super sleek and modern metallic look fits my style perfectly. Match it up with a Mac or PC on your desk and it would make you want to work there. The lamp weighs almost 5 pounds and it's advertised dimensions are 4.7 x 3.8 x 3 inches and the adjustable arm from top of the lamp to the base measures about 16 inches. It uses a 12 watt led.

The base of the lamp is substantial looking and rectangular, with the power input conveniently located at the back. On the side, there is an iSmart 5V/2A USB port, so you can charge your phone directly from the lamp. The front of the base has the lamp control panel, which is rather unique.

Not comprising of actual buttons, the control panel is essentially a touchscreen, with symbols that can be touched to choose the lamp settings. Again, the consistent with the rest of the lamp, the layout of the the touchscreen is very sleek. On the bottom are six symbols that control lamp functions. Above that is a brightness setting.

Control Panel For TaoTronics Desk LampControl Panel For TaoTronics Desk Lamp

The first symbol on the lamp is a simple power button. Tap it once to turn it on, and again to turn off. This button handily glows (dimly) even when the lamp is off, so you can find the button to turn it on in the dark. The second and third symbol control the color temperature. A coffee symbol makes the color “warmer”, more in the direction of yellow/orange. This coloring would be good for when you are just relaxing, and not specifically concentrating too hard; as if you were drinking coffee. Next to the coffee symbol is a book, which brings the coloring towards a stronger white/blue light. Of course, like the symbol suggests, this coloring would be good for when you are reading a book or magazine, as the whiter light picks out the words clearly. Overall, there are five different coloring settings. Those two symbols could be viewed as arrows to move up and down the color temperature scale.

The next symbol is a person with a little heart. This is the “favorite function”. You can program this to arrive at any coloring and brightness with the push of a button… Wait - no, I mean the tap of a symbol. Its simple to set up; just go to the setting you want, and hold the symbol for two seconds. Boom – programmed! (You can also reset it by holding the symbol for two seconds again.)

Last, we have a clock symbol and a moon symbol. Both these symbols could work together, or alone. The clock symbol starts a timer when pressed. It will automatically turn the light off in one hour. The moon symbol actually surprised me with its function. I never would’ve thought that a desk lamp would have something like this. The moon represents the night light function, which basically turns on this tiny, dim secondary lamp off to the side of the actual lamp. If you had never seen the nightlight turned on, you would think the secondary lamp was just a really neat design feature (that’s what I thought at first). It camouflages in well with the lamp itself, so it doesn’t draw any attention. When turned on, it glows dimly enough that you can sleep, but bright enough that you can be sure no monsters will be sneak attacking you.

Above those symbols is a simple brightness setting. There are 6 stages of brightness, the lowest, and farthest to the left of the “brightness slider” is dim. Increasing as the stages go up from left to right, the brightest setting is very bright at 1200 lux, and could light up your entire room if you wanted it to. With the brightness settings and the other settings combined, you could basically have any kind of light that you want.

So in terms of features, this lamp has several fun ones. It has 5 color modes and 6 different brightness levels. It has a light guide panel so you can avoid any glare in your eyes. It has a built in memory favorites function, a timer and a night light.  What I like about the light is that it does not get too hot when on. Some lights heat up and make you feel uncomfortable but I did not feel that this was a problem with this lamp.

The final important thing to note about this lamp is it’s functionality. It can bend in almost any direction, making it very easy to shine light on different spots while never moving the base. Here are some specs. The arm coming off the base can rotate 180 degrees, so that you should be able to turn it to face any place on your desk. The main arm coming of the base can bend 90o forward and 54 degrees backward. The arm alone could probably reach the front of your desk. If not, the upper, secondary arm coming off the main arm can reach/bend further. Lastly, the light (attached to the secondary arm), can rotate 90o, which helps monumentally while trying to get the lamp in the perfect position. When not in use, the upper arm and light can fold flat, parallel with the main arm, so that the lamp tucks away nicely.   I also like the fact that the arm does not sag when positioned. You set the lamp where you want it and it stays like that until you adjust it again.

Arm Can Fold Flat Or Be Moved BackArm Can Fold Flat Or Be Moved Back

The only possible criticism I could find for this lamp would be that it takes up a decent amount of desk space. The base is somewhat large; however, it isn’t so big that I wouldn’t buy the lamp. In my opinion, it’s worth the desk space. But if you're looking for something that is really small or not defining of the desk space, this lamp is not for you.

Hefty And Solid Design Of The TaoTronics Desk LampHefty And Solid Design Of The TaoTronics Desk Lamp

Overall, I would recommend this lamp. It looks very sleek and modern. Just for that reason it would be high on my list of lamps-to-buy. The brightness/color temperature settings are also fantastic. No matter my mood, or the time of day, I can find a light setting to match it. The lamp functionality is also great; I can have light shine anywhere I want fast and easily.

If you’re in the market for a new desk lamp, I would say that this TaoTronics Desk Lamp  is a good candidate.Nice Light At NightNice Light At Night


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