Funky and Fashionable Watch May Pave The Way For Non-Invasive Diabetes Monitoring

Created by designer Sunghoon Mun is a diabetes watch prototype that provides an element of fashion, along with a much needed method to monitor health non-invasively.

Diabetes Monitoring WatchDiabetes Monitoring Watch

Traditional diabetes testing is invasive and even painful, and since it must be completed at scheduled intervals, changes in health status can slip through the cracks. By providing a method to constantly monitor the health of a diabetic in a non-invasive way, the G Tone watch allows more accurate and immediate healthcare information.

The G Tone watch for diabetics constantly monitors the Blood Sugar Levels, so with a simple glance at their wrist, diabetics know when it's time to response medically so that their health isn't negatively impact.

The G Tone diabetes watch isn't necessarily subtle, but if this design introduces a new way for health monitoring, then perhaps more fashionable items will come out later.

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Jun 26, 2009
by John P. Barker
John P. Barker's picture


... is really cool!  I may need one of these soon...

Jul 29, 2009
by Anonymous

were can you get them?

were can you get them?

Aug 18, 2009
by Anonymous

I wanted this

Where i can get one of this whatch? :)