Funky Fashion For The Ultimate Fashionista: The Betseyville Call Me A Purse

As society's obsession with their cell phones and Blackberries grow, a unique fashion item makes a statement about technological reliance with a more old-fashioned, refined style than we're used to seeing. Who am I kidding; the only statement the Betseyville Call Me a Purse makes is one about bold fashion. Read on and see how.

The Betseyville Call Me a Purse makes a bold fashion statement with its magenta pink leopard fabric and partially working rotary phone dial. Not to mention the phone receiver that lovers of this unique fashion item choose to tote around everywhere they go. The retro-looking handbag takes us back to a time before cell phones, when home phones with rotary dials were all the rage. But disappointingly enough, the Betseyville Call Me a Purse doesn't actually work, so we don't have to make an effort to call it a purse, when that's all it is.

How cool would it be though, if the purse phone received could be connected to your cell phone to transform this unique piece from frivolous fashion to fashionable geeky gadget? Until someone choose to take on this endeavor, we'll have to make do with this fun, funky, fashionable purse best suited for Betty Boop types, or the trendy toddler who lives next door.

Via: Trends Updates