Funky Recycled Fashion: Men’s Suits Repurposed As Bags

It's not unusual for clothing to be repurposed for use in a second life as a different type of object, whether one that falls under the fashion category or not. But often, it's the material that's reused and it's uncommon that the original form remains distinguishable. A recent design takes advantage of the original garment's look and feel to create a fun and funky new fashion.

Joe Recycled Suit ToteJoe Recycled Suit Tote

The fashion item in question is a tote-style bag, perfect for hauling supplies to the office particularly since it will fit right in with any business attire dress-code. The tote is made directly from recycled suits that are repurposed in a design that takes advantage of the features that are already present.

Repurposed Suit FashionRepurposed Suit Fashion

While the tote designs to use men's suits, the style strays away a bit from a typical briefcase, so perhaps this will be a fashion better loved by women or men who like to make a statement. Why not let recycled fashion do the circuit between gender ownership?

Via: LikeCool