Funny Fashion: Hilarious Moustache Bandana

Moustaches are suddenly a thing of fashion. We've seen varieties of jewellery galore (also designed to be held up to the face when an impromptu disguise is needed), some of which is discreet and some of which insights hysterics.  Now there's a new fashion for those who want to jump on the moustache trend in an even more in your face way.

Moustache FashionMoustache Fashion

Bandanas are rarely worn on the face anymore, unless you're a cowboy or perhaps someone in a small enclosed space has a flatulence issue and you need a little bit of protection. However, that's all about to change with the moustache bandanas, which are making an appearance right in time to provide protection against the swine flu. Each of the bandanas available from this Etsy store are hand stitched and can be custom designed with specific moustache and bandana colors!

Moustache BandanaMoustache Bandana