Funny Fashions: The Beard Cap Modern Balaclava

People who live in colder climates are constantly searching for innovative ways to keep themselves protected from the elements. Enter The Beard Cap, a funny modern take on the balaclava which provides warmth to the face, neck and head all at the same time. Unlike with the balaclava, with the beard cap, you're less likely to be mistaken for a bank robber; or if you do have criminal intentions, it's a humorous way to detract from your fear factor.

The Beard Cap is a fashion design by Iceland design group Vik Prjonsdottir which focuses on innovative winter fashions to provide warmth. The Beard Caps are available in long or short beard styles, come in three colors that follow common hair trends (brown, black, blonde and white) and are made of a soft wool; so not only can you get that nice full beard you've always dreamed of, you can keep your face, head and neck warm and protected without the maintenance that comes with facial hair.

The Beard Cap retails in North America at Scandinavian Grace in Brooklyn for $135.

Via: Kitsune Noir