FunPod HighChair Is The Perfect Kitchen Accessory For The Little Foodie

The award-winning FunPod by Little Helper is about to become even more helpful. The FunPod HighChair will be the world’s first 5 in 1 highchair that will take your child from tasting their first foods to cooking them with you.

The original FunPod was designed as a safe kitchen stool for toddlers; it is comparable to a Learning Tower and other kitchen aids, but unlike other stools, it is fully enclosed. Being fully enclosed keeps your little helper contained instead of roaming the house and getting into trouble while you prepare meals. It also allows curious toddlers and little chefs the ability to see what’s happening on the counter without the fear of a fall. FunPod has an adjustable footplate to provide the proper standing height for children who can safely stand on their own. When not being used by your child, a wooden cutting block can be placed on top of the FunPod to add an extra worktop to a crowded kitchen.

When my daughter sees the cutting board come out at dinner time, she is always quick to ask if she can help. While it can sometimes be easier and faster to tell her no, I always find a job for her to do when I am making our meals. Besides being fun for her to help me cook, studies have shown that getting kids involved in the kitchen will help them make healthier food choices and give them the confidence to try new foods. I have found that my daughter is more likely to eat what is on her plate if she played a part in preparing it.

The FunPod HighChair will still give you all of the benefits of the original FunPod, but its innovative design turns the FunPod into four other chairs. Starting as your child’s first seat for dining, the FunPod HighChair can be used as either a high chair or low chair by using the included individual chair which slips and locks easily in and out of the FunPod. The chair comes with an easy to clean tray and a padded cushion. Safety is always a priority, so the chair’s three-point harness can be upgraded to a five-point harness using integral D rings.

The high chair can be used without the tray—perfect for older toddlers who are ready to eat at the dinner table but not quite ready for the table’s chair. The same is true when used as a low chair; when the tray is removed, kids will love the freedom of sitting in a chair built for them. TV, books, and playtime are always more enjoyable in the perfect seat.

When your child is old enough to enjoy the independence of the FunPod, the front panel can easily be attached using the PodLock quick release screws. An allen key is included to keep your kitchen seating arrangements and transitions smooth and safe. The FunPod HighChair comes in a natural wood color and can be wiped clean with soap and water, but, as it is released on a wide scale in the United States, expect as many color options as the original FunPod.

Let Little Helper and the FunPod HighChair be your favorite kitchen accessory for your favorite little sous chef.

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