The Fusion Guitar Brings Smart Tech Into The World Of Music

With the Fusion Guitar you don't have to be that guy that brings an acoustic guitar to the party. Instead, bring the full force of Trogdor and guitar riffs and start the party yourself. The Fusion Guitar, currently being funded on Indiegogo, brings smart tech into the world of music.

Alright, so it looks a little funny, but there's a lot of tech packed into this guitar. With the built-in battery pack and amplifier, there's no need to be tethered to a power point, so you can practice and play wherever you'd like. The 11.1V 3200m/Ah battery allows for close to 12 hours of play, and can recharge in a little over an hour. The built-in amplifier powers two 30-watt speakers that include high and mid-range drivers to accurately replicate a wide range of sounds. If you want more out of the guitar, it also includes a guitar output jack and 3.5mm stereo line in/out that lets you connect to headphones or a PA system. The line-in can be used to connect to a microphone, guaranteeing everyone can hear your angelic voice.

Hammering in the "smart" part of this guitar, the Fusion allows for complete connectivity with your modern Apple devices. Thanks to interchangeable docks, your iPhone 5 or 6 and iPod Touch (Gen 5) can become part of your guitar and embed itself into the top of the Fusion. As new versions of the iPhone come out more docks will be available, as well. It's a shame there isn't an option for Android users, however. With your guitar connected to the web, you can easily record and upload your tracks to basically any cloud service such as SoundCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive.  The iPhone integration also allows you to use on-board guitar effects and amplifier modeling to change your sound depending on the style of music you are playing.

As an added bonus, having your iPhone in the top of the guitar allows for beginners to easily access sheet music and tutorials while never having to look away from the guitar.

The Fusion Guitar is currently being funded on Indiegogo with some very appealing early-bird offers. While you might not be selling out arenas with this guitar, it offers a lot of features for the casual guitarist, as well as those who are still learning. Street musicians will also see the appeal of this guitar, because you can easily move from place to place without having to haul a ton of equipment, and without having to find a dedicated power supply.


Photos courtesy of Fusion Guitars