The Future Of Entertainment: The Royole-X Smart Mobile Theater System

 Royole-X Virtual Entertainment Home Theater: Futuristic home entertaiment system (image via Facebook)Royole-X Virtual Entertainment Home Theater: Futuristic home entertaiment system (image via Facebook)


So, the evolution of entertainment is here and, not surprisingly, it’s an experience to be experienced alone. Has anyone else noticed the isolating direction technology is taking us? You constantly hear how it’s supposed to allow us to share experiences more easily and bring us together, but that really doesn’t seem to be the case — unless you consider doing something alone in a room and then commenting about it online afterwards being close. All that aside, the Royole-X Smart Mobile Theater allows users to slip on a foldable set of noise-canceling headphones worn like a visor over your eyes and watch/listen to a movie or a game in spectacular color and sound all by yourself.

World’s 1st Foldable Virtual Mobile Theater

The device kind of reminds you a little of a sleep mask with a Geordi from Star Trek Next Generation visor over it and headphones with a band that spans across the top of your head to keep it all in place. It’s said to be super lightweight and offers a “mind-blowing movie watching and game playing experience wherever you go in complete immersive comfort with the crispest, sharpest images enlarged in a cinematic format coupled with theatrical sound.” The makers of the product call the experience and the device itself both beautiful and gorgeous.

A Glimpse into the Future

The device is sure to be a huge hit with gamers and tech heads that have to have the latest futuristic gadgetry of any kind. The thought that someday entire families will be sitting around their living rooms or hermetically sealed pods quietly wearing these devices watching/doing God knows what independently instead of enjoying a film in unison seems pretty sad, not to mention kind of creepy scary, but that is definitely the direction the world is heading. Instead of going out and golfing or playing tennis for real, people will watch it inside from their headsets and pretend they did it. The same thing will apply to going to a park.

Science Fiction No Longer Fiction

Soon everything will be controlled with eye movement. We’ll just be blobs with a huge brain and eventually won’t need the dead weight of our bodies at all. Scientists are already talking about the fact that in a matter of just a few decades sex won’t be necessary for procreation at all. You’ll be able to order your designer baby and fork over your reproductive materials and let science do the rest. People also won’t even need the minimal skills necessary to drive a car. You already don’t have to learn how to parallel park or pay attention to what’s going on in front of you, because your car will stop for you if you can’t even manage that on your own.

The Virtual World

It won’t be long before smells are added to this artificial reality we’re rushing towards. Soon, the only people that will be living in the real world are those too broke to afford the virtual world. It is truly a crazy world we live in, and getting crazier all the time. Granted, there are certain applications where this technology would be super cool, like if you were ill or bedridden or locked in a closet, cellar or attic. All joking aside, if you’d like to learn more about these "fun," high tech headsets for home entertainment, check out Royole’s website.