Future Solution LX: Shiseido's Uses Smart Science For Their Skincare Line

Future Solution LX Night CreamFuture Solution LX Night Cream

When looking for skincare, I typically pick out the fanciest bottle or choose a lotion with big keywords. I do not normally glance at the ingredients or research the science behind skin health. I never found it interesting or easy to understand. This has not been the most productive way to care for my skin. Shiseido's line, Future Solution LX, presents the science so clearly and elegantly that it's hard not to get excited about what it will do for skin rejuvenation. The fact that it comes in sleek packaging is just a bonus. 

Skiseido created a synthetic amino acid called Skinagencell 1P. Most companies add proteins or lipids that our bodies already make to supplement our skin's moisture. Skinagencell 1P is a whole new kind of amino acid, one that fights dryness on its own. Dry, damaged skin contains a lot of serapin B3. We don't like serapin B3. Future Solution LX fights and reduces serapin B3. This means that dry skin, as well as UV damaged skin, can return to normal levels of moisture and smoothness. 

Future Solution LX CreamsFuture Solution LX Creams

I'd like to tell you that such an innovation and breakthrough is inexpensive, but this Future Solution LX is definitely a luxury lotion. However, it's been tested and almost all reviews are positive. Everyone seems to love Future Solution LX. I think I'll be breaking into my piggy bank soon to splurge. This skincare is not for everyone. It works best for people with dry skin, UV damaged skin, who live in warm climates, or are over 40 (all of these create serapin B3). If you fit into one of these, I'd recommend trying Future Solution LX. This line contains ingredients like Uji green tea, super yeast extract, and star fruit extract. Yummy ingredients like these antioxidize the skin and improve texture. Shiseido has used science better than most skincare companies. It's not just about pretty packaging for Shiseido. They spent time in the lab with Future Solution LX to make sure your skin looks radiant and healthy.

You can find Future Solution LX in most department stores and here on Amazon (where you can check out the few but glowing reviews.)

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