The Future Of Fashion And Sex Is Invisible

The fashion world is notorious for creating clothes that no one would wear, or no one *can* wear. Impracticality is the name of the game. Next ridiculous fashion trend? Invisible clothes. It's the modern day version of The Emperor's New Clothes

Intimacy 2.0 See Through DressIntimacy 2.0 See Through Dress

Not just any invisible clothes, but horniness triggered invisible clothes, because sex sells, evidently. Designed to spice up your sex life, or just get headlines, this dress is made from white fabric that becomes invisible when sensors embedded in the fabric recognize your lover's voice saying a specific phrase.

According to the Dutch designer, Daan Roosengaarde, whose studio creates interactive designs that explore the dynamic relation between people, technology and space, this dress is "techno-poetry", not intended for the mass market, but he is currently working on a new Intimacy 3.0 line, which will include pieces of this fabric, embedded with sensors to measure sweat, temperature and heartbeat, that will become transparent according to various bodily signals and personal interaction. 

Intimacy and sensors are not just being used in dresses. Condom manufacturers, Durex, recently released their experimental prototype, Fundawear: underwear that's fun to wear because it allows your partner to remotely operate sensors and "touch" you over the internet. Not being manufactured yet, it's only a matter of time before our clothes are vibrating and glowing throughout the day, in response to our environments and triggered by interactions with the people we love. 

All this impracticality reminds me of my friend’s recent run in with 4 inch heels. Working in the fashion industry, under pressure to look the part, she almost fell over twice on her short walk to the interview. We design shoes that are only for sitting, and then have to design large purses to squeeze in our flat shoes for walking. What will we come up with next?