Future Vehicle Technologies Gearing Up For Automotive-X Prize

Since first being created back in 2006, Future Vehicle Technologies (FVT) has been hard at work on their eVaro Hybrid concept vehicle. The team is planning on competing in the Automotive-X Prize competition with the eVaro, as soon as they are able to break 60mph that is.

eVaro InterioreVaro Interior

The eVaro is more than capable of doing so, but for some reason one of the two brushless DC motors powering the front of the three wheeled hybrid insists on spinning the wrong way at the 59mph mark. Needless to say, FVT has yet to complete 0-60mph acceleration or 60-0mph braking tests for the books.

When everything is running properly, the FVT team is estimating a fully electric range of about 125 miles. With the 20kW onboard generator running, the eVaro should be able to return a miles-per-gallon equivalent rating of 165.

eVaro Hybrid ConcepteVaro Hybrid Concept

Considering nearly every piece of the eVaro was custom made by one or more of the FVT members, it shouldn't take long to track down the source of the problem.

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