The Future of Warships

The oceans of the world can be just as dangerous as the frontline. The need for new technology is apparent and the US has just the ticket. Check out these amazing warships of the future and choose your favorite:

Warship #1: The Littoral Combat Ship (LCS)

The LCS is a fast maving sub-hunter. It can also be used to clear mines and fight smaller enemy boats. It will be loaded with anti-missile artillery, small unmanned submarine vehicles, and specially equipped helicopters.

Warship #2: The Destroyer (DDG 1000)

According to the Navy, this new class of warship will be for pure brute force. It will use high-powered artillery to pound enemy bases and fortifications. Its shape will resemble an inverted "V" which should make it more stealthy and increase stability in rough seas.

Warship #3: The Missile Cruiser (CG(X)

A replacement for the current Ticonderoga class missile-defense cruisers. It's most likely mission will be to protect the fleet from aerial and missile attacks. It will also be equipped with smaller artillery for closer combat situations.

Warship #4: The UXV Combatant

The UXV is still in development, but a few things are known about this new battlecraft. The main gun will be able to fire a salvo of 20 rounds and have them all strike the same target at the same time. It will also feature a moon pool to allow small submarines to launch and dock without being detected. Some heavy duty fire power is also on the menu for this new destroyer.

Of course there are other warships being designed as you read this, but these are the most impressive and promising warships. Just another step forward in battle technology.

Credited To : Defense Industry Daily , Popular Science

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