Gadget-Charging Bicycle Makes Efficient Use Of Your Pedal Power

Bicycling. Clean battery charging. It's a veritable orgy of tree-hugging delightfulness. And it was bound to come up in a design or two.

This take on the concept is called the Re: Energy and comes from Korean design duo Jin Sik Kim and Bo Seung Seo. Those big, plastic wheels are more than just a design tweak like you might have seen on a 1988 Toys 'R Us special. They house generators, which take wasted energy from the spinning wheel and use it to charge up your iPod, cell phone, camera, and so on. Simply plug directly into the plastic dubs and you're on your way to shaded bars. 

Just a design at the moment, but something tells me it won't be long before we see a bicycle generator (assuming there isn't one out there already). Green trendiness has grown just too strong for the market not to try to convince you to retire your old, non-techy (but perfectly functional) bike to the local dump so that you can replace it with something "greener." I suppose in this case, you could just throw your wheels out, swap in the Re: Energy generators and pat yourself on the back for really thinking about the environment. 

Via: DesignBoom