Gadgets 4 Gals Make Being a Geek Oh So Chic!

Today, geeks can be gals 'cuz it's cool to click when you're a chick. Forget what you thought you knew about geeks & nerds... girls just wanna have fun with high tech gadgets!

OK, so you're sitting around at home watching some '80s flick starring John Cusack or Anthony Michael Hall and there they are - geeks. Well, proto-geeks really, since in those pre-Internet days (how did we LIVE??) being a geek didn't have the status it has today. Eighties geeks were just updated Fifties nerds who packed calculators instead of slide rules. And of course, they were almost exclusively MALE.

C'mon John, the Eighties weren't that bad...C'mon John, the Eighties weren't that bad...

A generation later... what's this one, Y? Z? ZZ? ZZZ... Whatever - we've evolved and so has the technology. Pocket-stretching calculators long ago gave way to wrist-Casios and nobody even wears them anymore, our ever-smarter comps can do it all. Something else happened along the way... the hardware grew kinder, gentler, pinker. Yes, pink, in all its girlishly glowing Hello Kitty glory!

Kinder, gentler & pinkerKinder, gentler & pinker

Need proof? How about Sony's limited edition Walkman - it comes in a range of attractive finishes (yes, including pink) with a removable cap that sports real Swarovski crystals. Calling Elle Woods! But wait, pink is just one part of the spectrum when it comes to the feminine mystique; to ignore that would be a feminine mistake. Career women, preppy students, soccer moms and emo chicks will find that however they be stylin', there's tech gear to keep 'em smilin'.

Pretty in pink...Pretty in pink...

So, smooth those sharp edges and consign basic black to the back. Modern Misses don't miss much and they know darned well that today's neat toys are not just for boys... they are accessories!



Cell phones, music players, laptops and more are integral parts of one's modern lifestyle, but now they've gotta dress to impress a mighty particular market. A market, by the way, that often augments their own disposable income with that of parents, BF or hubby. After all, those who feel they have to keep up with the Joneses... or the Hiltons. Is Paris burning? Yes... with envy! Geek Chic is in, and the credit cards are out!

Steve Levenstein
Japanese Innovations Writer

Apr 11, 2008
by Anonymous

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