The Galactic Suite Space Resort: Out Of This World Accommodations Available By 2012

A unique vacation is hard to come by, but we're only a few years away from being able to take a vacation that offers a real out of this world experience.

Galactic Suite Space ResortGalactic Suite Space Resort

The Galactic Suites Space Resort is under development and by 2012 hopes to have one space pod ready to go into orbit at 280 miles about the earth. Visitors will get the full tour, travelling around the world every 80 minutes while being treated to the sun rising 15 times per day.

At $4.4 Million USD, a stay at this space resort will not be cheap, particularly since that price tag is for the equivalent of a long weekend - three nights. However, the vacation will be lengthened, since training much take place before travellers go into orbit, an 8 week training course will be held at a tropical destination.

As someone who detests flying (but does it out of necessity), I can appreciate the concept, but you'd have to pay me $4.4 Million to make the trip myself. However, there are few areas that remain uncharted by travelers on this planet, space resorts and hotels just might be the wave of the future.

Via: Reuters

Nov 15, 2009
by Anonymous


Must for globalwide Travel experience (darn price tag).
Cheaper to go by Soviet Soyuz into Space.

For 4.4B better have Max out services & ammenities alone.

Darn for the super elite only IE 2% crowd