Game Crafter: Niche Business Helps People Create and Sell Their Board Games

I don't know about you, but I've always thought that it would be pretty cool to create my own board game - what would be better than developing the next Mouse Trap or Monopoly? Drafting out a board game on construction paper, with playdough figurines or random household objects as pieces are one thing, but a new company is now making it possible to not only create a legitimate board game, but to sell it for profit too.

The Game Crafter gives you all of the templates that you need to put together all of the components of an entertaining board game, and once it's complete instead of finding a publisher and dishing out thousands of dollars to put the game intro production; The Game Crafter offers full-cycle services. Once your game is created, you can list it on their site so consumers can browse through and make a purchase if it fits the theme that they're looking for. Some games have hand-drawn graphics, while others have more professional images. Interesting board games featured on their website include Dawson City Barbers, Laws and Disorder and a large variety of biblical themed games.


If your claim to fame is to create a board game of your own, than check out the Game Crafter; it will have you well on your way!