Game Frame Lights Up Your Wall With Pixel Art

As more and more gamers become adults with disposable income retro gaming is not only making a resurgence, but becoming a fashion and artistic statement as well. Game Frame Pixel Art brings retro art and customization together in one cool package. Using 256 LED lights, the system can display a nearly unlimited amount of different pixel artwork, either as a single picture, or a slideshow of multiple images. With a little bit of creativity and ingenuity you can even bring that art to life and actually have animated 8-bit pixel art.

A Game Frame in its natural habitatA Game Frame in its natural habitat

The Game Frame accomplishes the crisp, LED pixels by using completely contained cells for each LED light. By containing each cell and using bold lines, Game Frame completely eliminates any "bleed through" and gives the art work a bright, crisp look.

The unit comes preloaded with art from pixel artist eBoy, but allows users to add their own art work by inserting an SD card into the unit. Loading new images into the frame is as easy as downloading, or creating, 16x16 BMP files and saving them onto the SD card. By saving images onto the SD card in a sequence (1.bmp, 2.bmp, etc.) you can actually make your 8-bit art "animated."

On top of the Game Frame unit users have a couple options. They can choose from seven levels of brightness; just imagine using this as a child's night light! Users can also choose between different playback mode: sequential, still, or random. Users can also set a timer for how long each picture remains in the frame. There is also a Play button, which allows users to actually play a clone of the popular 8-bit game Breakout.

Perfect for old and new school gamers alike, the Game Frame is currently in the funding stages over at Kickstarter. With a rumored price point of $229 dollars, the Game Frame is a little steep. That being said, who can put a price on art?

Source: LEDSEQ