Games2U: Mobile Video Gaming For Summer Parties

We're at the height of birthday party season for children across North America, and while parents are having parties with cake, balloons, and at best, bouncy castles; the competition is steep to throw a party that kids will still be talking about when school starts again in the fall.

All kids like video games, but sitting down in front of an X-Box or Nintendo Wii just doesn't make for a very good birthday party. But Games2U brings a complete gaming experience to homes, including a portable laser tag game that can be setup in backyards or cul de sacs to accommodate up to 20 birthday party attendees.

The birthday party setup with games to you are affordable at $199 in most locations, and unlike other video gaming, kids can actually continue to get some fresh air and exercise when playing instead of being sucked in by the video game dungeon inside where kids don't really interact with each other!