Gaming With the Nerf N908R Speaker Wheel for the iPhone and iPod Touch

If you're a big fan of games that make use of the accelerometer on your iPhone or iPod Touch then chances are you'll enjoy having this device around.

The Nerf N908R Speaker Wheel is the perfect gaming and multimedia companion for your iPhone or iPod Touch. Prop up your device to watch movies, steer the wheel for some serious gaming action, or just pop in your iPhone or iPod Touch to listen to your favorite tunes out loud–this wheel can do it all.

For those who don't know what it is, the accelerometer functions as an orientation sensor so the iPhone or iPod Touch can recognize automatically if it's being tilted to the side. This means that if you're fond of games that require you to move the device around and tilt it from side-to-side then this is a gadget that you could really use.

Image credited to The Rocking Pony.Image credited to The Rocking Pony.

The Nerf N908R holds your iPhone or iPod Touch in the middle where it locks in and stays in place while you twist and turn the wheel away while you're playing your games. It's also, first and foremost, a speaker, so you can also use it to just play your music. You can also prop up the device using the stand so you can watch movies or shows comfortably and hear the audio loud and clear. (Given that, you know, the built-in speaker for the iPhone or iPod Touch isn't that great.)

Here are the features listed by the Nerf N908R's manufacturer:

  • Steering Wheel design provides great gaming experience with iPhone/iPod Touch
  • Rubberized trim provides added comfort and protection
  • Perfect for watching movies/videos with built-in stand
  • Listen to music through high quality speakers
  • External headphone jack for private listening while in use

You can view technical specifications and purchasing information for the Nerf N908R Speaker Wheel on


Image source: The Rocking Pony.


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