Garbage Bag Fashions Suited For The High Fashion Runways: Editorial Looks On A Budget!

Yesterday I wrote about a costly and luxurious dress made entirely of male peacock feathers and precious gemstones for the bride who really wants to stand out on her wedding day. So today, I thought I'd shift the focus to a series of garments that fall on the other side of the spectrum. Michelle Jank's garbage bag fashions which were designed for an Editorial Series with photographer Paul Scala are an example of a high fashion look for less.

While it would have been the more eco-friendly option, presumably these innovative garbage bag fashions were not made from recycled garbage bags; but nonetheless the materials are a cost-effective way to get that high fashion, editorial look on a budget and get your creative design juices flowing.

Better suited for runway stages than the streets of Manhattan, these fashion items certainly are not for everyday wear, but make a statement about fashion possibility. Beware though, because these garbage bag fashions may be a hazard at parties; once other attendees have had a few too many martinis, they may mistake you and your outfit for an artistically modern garbage bin.

Via: Style Bubble