Garia Golf Cart Goes From the Links to the Road

Want to look like the world's biggest golf douche? Take this Garia LSV golf cart out on your local highway and slow down traffic to a turtle-like 25 mph while gabbing on your luxury cell phone. Mission accomplished.


Yes, what we have here is a street-legal golf cart that is reportedly up to regulation in the US. The road-ready cart adds side mirrors, seat belts and license plate holders to Garia's Soleil de Minuit golf cart, which made headlines last year for being the most expensive golf cart in the world. It will compete in the Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV) market and be ready to take you from your home to your local country club--assuming your local country club is within a residential block or two. 

Just what the world needs: some overprivileged, plaid-clad club jockies driving around the streets smoking stogies and pouring Scotch in their golf-centric dune buggy.  I'll betcha' it won't take long to see one of straddling two parking spots at your local grocer.

Via: Autoblog