Garment Deodorizer Destroys Unpleasant Smells In A Matter Of Minutes


Sometimes, despite your best laundering efforts, clothes that you tuck away in the closet or in boxes end up with unwanted smells.  It is very disappointing when you are getting ready for a special event and dig into your closet for that clothing item that you have been saving for just such an event only to find that it has an unpleasant odor.  Mold, mildew, smoke, sweat, food and pets can all cause unpleasant odors.  Clothes absorb smells from all over the place and sometimes you just don’t have time to get rid of them before you go out.



If you had a Garment Deodorizer though, you could take care of this unexpected situation in a matter of minutes.  Using a CPZ filter the deodorizer creates O3 that then goes to work getting rid of 97 percent of bacteria and germs and thereby destroying the associated odors.

To use the device garments are hung over it and placed inside the included bag.  A fan built into the device ensures that the O3 circulates throughout, deodorizing the whole garment.  The whole process can be completed in about 40 minutes – much shorter than a trip to the dry cleaners.  The system runs on four C batteries. 

Source: Hammacher Schlemmer

Feb 1, 2012
by Anonymous

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