Garment Saver Protects Clothing From Makeup Mishaps


If you are one of those au natural ladies who wakes up looking fresh and glowing and never has to apply more than a swipe of lip balm then, first of all, I hate you and secondly you probably have no use for this product.  For the rest of the women out there, here is a handy little product for helping you look your best.



The Garment Saver is a clever idea to keep those lipstick smudges and foundation stains off of your clothes; it can even protect your hairstyle.  As you know, makeup can be messy and can sometimes ruin an outfit.  When you are going to be wearing something light colored or delicate it can be tough to decide whether to get dressed and then apply makeup or to put on makeup and then get dressed.  Both pose potential hazards to your overall look.  The Garment Saver is a thin, stretchy, knit polyester veil of sorts that you slip on over your head after putting on your makeup and before pulling on your clothes.  It provides a barrier to protect your garments and help keep your freshly applied cosmetics in place.



The hoods are made to be disposable, but the makers state that they can probably be carefully hand washed and reused for a while.  They are sold in packages of three, which would be useful for testing them out or if you just want a few for a special occasion, and in boxes of 50 for more regular use. You can buy the Garment Saver here.

 Source: GarmentSaver and Amazon.

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