Garmin Fenix 2 Is The Activity Watch For Everything

Are you active? Like really active? Is every week an adventure for you? Are you constantly running, hiking, biking, swimming, paddling, or skiing? If you do any or all of these things, and are looking for a versatile fitness watch, give this Germin Fenix 2 a once over.

The Garmin Fenix 2 takes a tried and true product, the fitness watch, and makes better looking, more reliable and informative. With different modes, the Fenix 2 can check a variety of activities. Hiking the Blue Ridge Parkway? There is a hiking mode that calculates results differently for hiking. The watch also features an altimeter and compass for your hiking expeditions. If you're a swimmer, the Fenix 2 uses tech from their water line, and accurately calculates vitals and things like distance swam, stroke count, number of laps, etc.

The GPS lock in works surprisingly well, but still has some issues when there are a lot of large buildings, mountains, or thick cloud coverage. In a new location, GPS can take up to 8 minutes to lock in on your location, but after that first time, the watch can locate you in seconds.

On a full charge, the battery on the Fenix 2 lasts about one week under regular use. Not bad, but it would have been nice to see Garmin pump out a little more life. The watch is also compatible with Garmin Connect, an online service that allows you to keep track of your runs. Look at your routes, set waypoint markers, analyze your times, Connect lets you do a multitude of things.

The Garmin Fenix 2 is going to run you around $250, but gives you multiple modes, solid construction, and connectivity with Garmin Connect. This watch might not be for the weekend warrior who participates in any of these activities a couple times a month; but if you are always on the go, and obsess over stats, the Garmin Fenix 2 could be your next activity watch.

Source: Garmin

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