Garmin HUD+ Adds GPS Info & Social Media To “Any Vehicle” Head-Up Display

Garmin, "the leading worldwide provider of mobile navigation solutions for automobiles, motorcycles and trucks", has followed up their original real-time GPS mapping HUD (head-up display) with an improved version, HUD+, that takes into account advances in information technology. Mind you, you'll need to get the custom companion smartphone app to fully exploit all of HUD+'s features but that's no problem: the app can be downloaded at no extra charge.

It's only been a couple of years since Garmin rolled out their “any vehicle” HUD and today the device's essential attribute – it can be mounted on any vehicle, new or used – is still its biggest selling point. Smartphones and apps, however, have advanced significantly since 2012 and Garmin recognized the need to upgrade their HUD unit to reflect these advances.

Like all HUD units, Garmin's HUD+ projects digital information onto a transparent film applied to the vehicle's inner windshield surface or an included reflector lens. The unit is fed navigational and other information from a Bluetooth®-connected smartphone running the free Garmin HUD navigation app.

Besides providing navigation info (including simple maps), HUD+ will display phone call info and channel/volume info from the vehicle's audio system. While the info is handy to have, this type of enhanced HUD can improve road safety by reducing driver distraction. One might say it's the visual equivalent of a hands-free mobile phone. The Garmin HUD+ is available at

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