GausWheel Spirit: A New Freestyle Urban Scooter With Attitude

Dubbed “the new freestyle urban scooter”, the next-gen GausWheel Spirit from Hungary's Soma Ungar Design combines the best features of skateboards, scooters, unicycles and – believe it or not – downhill skis.

Indeed, Hungary's national ski team practices on GausWheels in the off-season and once you've seen someone “slalom” down a city street, you'll know why. Now in its second generation, the GausWheel Spirit is the latest iteration of architect Andras Gönczey's original concept pioneered in the 1980s.

The new GausWheel Spirit reverses the configuration of the main rolling wheel and the much smaller steering wheel so that the latter is now in the forefront. The other major engineering tweak is the single bike-style hand brake rising up from the GausWheel's body.

“Driving” a GausWheel may take some getting used to but its fans say it's a breeze one you get the hang of it. Like a bicycle (and not so much as a standard unicycle), the GausWheel requires riders to employ their natural sense of balance – perhaps combined with a dash of innate survival sense.

“This ultra-cool scooter can speed up to between 8 – 20 km/h,” states Gönczey, “but in certain cases it can reach 30 km/h.” San Francisco residents, take note!

Soma Ungar Design is actively engaged in promoting the new GausWheel Spirit and have opened a number of stores dedicated to selling its various models in major cities around the world. Prices range from 149 Euros for the Spirit Stage 1 up to 349 Euros for the top of the line Spirit Stage 3 Brake. Visit GausWheel online for more information.