Gaya Maternity Fitness Wear Offers The Pregnant Gym-Goer Function And Style

Gaya Maternity Fitness WearGaya Maternity Fitness Wear

Just because you've decided to start a family, doesn't mean you need to sacrifice your workout regimin. More and more, pregnant women are deciding to continue training throughout their pregnancy. However, you may encounter a lack of fitness clothing options for your expanding belly. Gaya Maternity Fitness Wear aims to fix that problem with their functional and stylish line of fitness clothing for the pregnant woman.

There's a growing trend of pregnant women continuing their workout programs well into their pregnancies. However, after a couple of months, they find that they need to change their fitness wear. This often means baggy shirts and tights that are ill-fitting or not so functional. This is why Personal Trainer, Dana Ram, teamed up with Fashion Designer, Nuch Sirithavee, to create a line of fitness maternity wear.

Working Out With GayaWorking Out With Gaya

Gaya Fitness Maternity Wear combines functionality and style in their tops and bottoms, designed specifically for the pregnant fitness freak. If you're a runner, you'll find that the Polyester/Spandex blend running tights, featuring a low-rise waist and flat lock stitching, won't hug your growing belly too tightly nor cause chaffing. The running tights also allow you to adjust the waist length. Just click on the metal cord stopper and adjust for a snug or loose fit. 

Adjustable WaistlineAdjustable Waistline

The Gaya Maternity Fitness line also features a tank top, with 4-way stretch, breathable mesh fabric. The tank has an inner bra, featuring criss cross straps in the back that ensure stability, and an outer shell, with a cut in front that allows for ventilation and a low cut in back, which also helps with ventilation. This tanks is strong enough to handle any fitness activity, yet light enough to allow for comfort. 

If you're into Yoga or Pilates, the Gaya crop may be the thing for you. The crop has the same sweat-wicking feature as the tank, but instead of an outer shell, it will hold tight to the body, to enhance your pregnant curves. 

Gaya Tank TopGaya Tank Top

The Gaya line also features a Double The Fun Tank, which brings back the classic maternity look, and colorful headbands with silicon dots, so they won't slide off your head.

Unfortunately, you won't find the Gaya in any retail stores just yet. The Gaya team has started a Kickstarter page to fund their line. You can visit that page to find out more about the Gaya line or to pre-order your own maternity fitness wear.