G-Bound R/C Car Travels on Land and Water!

I love toys that have a plausible premise for real-world applications.  In this case we have the , an amphibian remote controlled car that looks like it can handle all sorts of terrain.

Created by CCP (a subsidiary of Bandai), the G-Bound is quite a wild R/C experience.  The designers goal was to create an R/C car that would move in a new way.  Judging by this video, I'd say they succeeded:

As you can see, the G-Bound can be driven upside down, up rough landscapes (or stairs), and (according to the guy in the video - and the picture above) through mud and water.

Much of this is achieved thanks to the large inflatable tires which render the little car somewhat bouncy.  These also act as floatation devices.  A 27MHz remote control allows "drivers" to control each side of the vehicle independent of the other to make the G-Bound spin or flip.

A rechargeable battery pack powers this little whopper.

Imagine a life-sized version of the G-Bound.  Though it looks like you'd have to wear body armor to survive the experience, a craft such as this could cover pretty much any terrain possible (except intensely angled areas such as mountains or maybe loose desert dunes due to traction).  My first thought involved not a man-driven version of this vehicle, but a large remote-controlled rover for Mars exploration.

The G-Bound is due in stores in time for Christmas of 2009.

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