Gear Up For The 2013 International Sustainable Electronics Competition!

With technology evolving faster than the chimpanzees featured in “Rise of the Planet of the Apes,” large amounts of computers, TVs, mobile phones and other electronics are being tossed out on a regular basis. Help to fix the problem, and earn some big cash!

The University of Indiana is hosting the 2013 International Sustainable Electronics Competition to award creative and practical ideas in two categories: Product and Non-Product. Platinum, Gold and Silver winners from both categories earn $3,000, $2,000 and $1,000 USD respectively, so there’s plenty of incentive to throw your green ideas into the mix. The contest is open to anyone 18 years old or older currently attending or has completed college (Since May 2011), from any nation on Earth.

No matter which category you tackle, keep in mind that “e-waste” consists of the following electronic items: “computers (desktops and laptops), scanners, printers, cell phones, PDAs, optical drives, televisions, DVD/VCR players, MP3 players, computer monitors, video game consoles, computer peripherals (keyboards, mice, cables), zip drives, and fax machines.”

If you’re looking to dominate the Product category, you will need to showcase a concept for an item that would be sold to the public that would extend the life of current devices, conserves valuable electronic resources in its design, raises awareness of the e-waste problem, or otherwise work to ease the global burden of e-waste.

How many printers go to the dump each year? Hmm...How many printers go to the dump each year? Hmm...

Innovators looking into the Non-Product category will develop clearly defined concepts for programs, services, organizations and other non-commercial methods of reducing e-waste.

Please note that the judges of both categories will be looking at the following criteria to be present in everyone’s entries, so be sure to plan out the following while developing your concept: Usefulness, Feasibility, Innovation, Life Span, Presentation of Idea, Fosters Positive Environmental Behavior, Aesthetics, Alternative Materials and Addresses Social Issues.

Lord knows how many crappy phones our in our global trash...Lord knows how many crappy phones our in our global trash...

Individuals and teams will be able to register for the 2013 International Sustainable Electronics Competition from September 1st, through November 1st. Click here for additional information about registering and submitting the PDF description and presentation video, or click here for the contest homepage.

Remember the date, Innovators! Hurry up and get your demonstration together to curb e-waste today!

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