Geek-Chic: Nerdy, Neat, Nifty and Clunky Fashion Styles

No, Nerdy, Neat, Nifty and Clunky are not a proposed set of new names for some of the seven dwarfs. They merely describe the geek-chic/nerdy fashion phenomenon, which has been a logical outgrowth of the invasion of technology into our everyday lives. Geek-Chic in its own way, represents power disguised behind "unexpected apparel and accessories." Tech nerds, such as the founders of Facebook and Tumblr, are brilliant young men with a vision that made them very rich and behind (or in front of) it all are the computer video games they play, comic books they read and the clothes they wear as part of their power image.

Geek Chic vs. Nerdy Chic

While the definitions of geeks and nerds do differ in many ways, there is still an overlap, as there are nerdy geeks and geeky nerds. Despite their diversity, the two groups are more or less blended when it  comes to fashion styles and choices. The word, geek, dates back to traveling carnival days at the turn of the last century whrn a performer called a geek amused local audiences by performing bizarre acts. Geeks are more sociable than nerds while the latter are more focused on isolated pursuits. Some define a nerd as an unattractive person with a six figure income. Be all that as it may, fashion-wise the two do reluctantly mingle.

What is the most important geek/chic/nerd fashion accessory?

Clothes may well make the man or woman, but eye-glasses make the geek and the nerd whether the wearer be male or female. They exude an air of intelligence even if it isn't there. Stylish, non-prescription spectacles are the foundation of the desired look  and any self-respecting geek should have a pair whether they need them or not. Remember to select a stylish pair that complements your skin tone and  facial shape. The geek-chic look can be achieved without glasses, but it  requires much more effort to pull it off.


Geek-Chic EyeglassesGeek-Chic Eyeglasses
Alie Express

Some general rules about geek-chic fashion styles

For both male and female geek-chic trendsetters, creativity that blends one's own wardrobe with geek-chic elements renders the best results. You can still keep your clothes and create your own styles adding just a dash of flair and imagination. Not too trendy is always a good yardstick to use when selecting a wardrobe, and usually this translates into fitted clothes that display insider geek jokes that can come from the varied cosmos of cult classic movies, books and/or video games.

Both male and female geeks/nerds should consider blending a professional /classy look with a casual one and choose shirts in shades that complement skin tone and body shape. Think about matching attractive blouses/ polo shirts with patterned ties or jeans, or pleated skirts and blouses with argyle vests.


Argyle VestArgyle Vest

Argyle Vest

The idea is to cram as many different prints and fabrics into a geek-chic outfit as possible. Add a geeky touch to any man's outfit with a tie that contains a special, geek-inspired message or symbol. for women, a clunky watch or necklace will do very well. Leggings and decorative tights are a good investment for women because they are relatively inexpensive and can greatly enhance a geeky look and add just a dash of style to skirts of all types.

Gucci, Alessandro Michele and the Geek-Chic phenomenon

Alessandro Michele is Gucci's new creative director for all of the brand's collections and images including men's and  women's wear. Born in Rome, the 43 year-old designer studied at the Accademia di Costume e di Moda (Academy of Costume and Style) in Rome, and worked as a senior accessories designer for Fendi prior to moving to Gucci's design office back in 2002. His new vision for Gucci is best illustrated by his recent fashion show during Milan Fashion Week when he featured a group of nerdy models wearing very little makeup as they strutted down the runway. Quirky is the applicable word for the button-down blouses, tacky neckties and oversized wire glasses adorned with sparkly frames. the collection whispered another mantra: Bookish is the new sexy.


Gucci Geeky RunwayGucci Geeky Runway


 Geeky Gucci Fashion ShowGeeky Gucci Fashion Show
Fashion GPS

The future of geek/nerdy fashion

They say there is really nothing new in fashion ad that all ideas are really just put into a big barrel and then turned upside down when its full to crop up all over again .

Here's to the world of the fashionable spirit, be it geek, nerd, goth, flapper, formal, casual or metro-sexual.

There is something in it for everyone.

Do you think remnants of the geek-chic fashion revolution will fade away in the fashion styles of the next few decades? If so, please explain.

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