Geek Chic Fashion: Prototype Bluetooth Dress

When you're out for a night on the town with your cell phone on hand, it's easy to miss important phones calls from your friends that you regret not picking up, because you could have stopped from them going home with the regretful guy. The ideal solution has become a reality, with fashion that meets Bluetooth indicator technology.

Bluetooth DressBluetooth Dress

It's only a prototype currently, but the Bluetooth Dress is designed so that when your phone rings during an evening out, you don't have to miss that call that could change the course of your evening, or someone else's! The design was created by a fashion student in partnership with Sony Ericsson, and it has an LED design that goes across the shoulder of the chic white dress and lights up when the wearer's cell phone rings.

This is one dress that has not yet become a reality, but for the chic woman who has a love of gadgets, it's an ideal design that hopefully will move from the prototype stage onto the runways and into retail stores.

Via: Wired