Geek Chic Unique Engagement Ring Is Heroic Like Batman

Selecting an engagement ring, is one of the biggest decisions a man will make in his life. This is a fact both Harley Quinn RingHarley Quinn Ringbecause of its meaning - it isn't just jewelry, it is a lifetime commitment after all - but also because it is the one item that most women will wear every day. Making a meaningful selection that is symbolic of the relationship, while meeting her aesthetic preferences is important.  Sometimes this means a traditional diamond; other times the choice is a bit more heroic.

No one captures hearts quite like super heroes, especially not when the apple of their eye runs around in latex saving lives at their side. This might not be how romance works in the real world, but real life couples that bond over a shared love of comic crime fighting duos can find a way to make that a part of their engagement.

Batman EngagementBatman Engagement

This Batman-inspired engagement ring was designed by Daniel Maffett for his girlfriend. Harley Quinn, from the Batman tales, was his soon-to-be fiancee's favorite character. So he approached Tom Sayers of Sayers Jewelry to come up with a classy design that incorporated this theme. The black and white diamond pattern that appears on the ring matches that of Harley Quinn's elaborate jester costume. It surrounds a more traditional center stone, and the whole piece is done in white gold. 

 Hopefully with this heroic design, this couple has found their own fairy tale worthy of being depicted in comic books forever!

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Feb 6, 2014
by Anonymous

thanks for the post! dan

thanks for the post!
dan maffett