For the Geek Gunslinger: The Grab-It Pack Gadget Holster

I tutor on occasion and get quite tired of carrying my heavy mailman's bag overstuffed with books, pencils, candy, flashcards, notepads, coloring books, crayons... you get the picture.

I think I need one of these:

The Grab-It Pack Gadget Holster may not hold my books, but it can handle all of the peripheral gear in a really cool manner.  This sucker looks like something out of a good shoot-'em-up movie... only for geeks instead of gunslingers.

Apparently this sucker was designed by a professional effects & make-up artist.  Having worked in the film industry, I can attest to the usefulness that something like this would have on the set.  A "drop leg" design (essentially a leg strap) connected to a waist belt makes this holster quite comfortable and keeps all of your gear at the ready.  What's equally as important is that your pants won't bunch into a blob of cloth around the leg strap due to the unique design of the holster.

The pockets are designed in specific dimensions with various types of gear in mind including cell phones, wallets, and keys.  Realistically, the uses for the pockets are practically endless.

Personally, I'd use one pocket to store a paperback novel.  Every time I go somewhere without a book I'm stuck in an incredibly boring scenario, such as waiting at the DMV for my tag - the most boring situation conceivable.  So I always carry a book around with me.

The most important design aspect of this holster is that it is available for not only right-handers, but left-handers as well.  As a lefty, I can't emphasize how great this is.  Though there are plenty of stores dedicated to left-handers, specialty items such as this are nigh on impossible to find.

I'd highly recommend trying one of these things out if you work in the field - or even if you are just plain tired of carrying around a purse or book bag.

They're oddly stylish, don't you think?

Get your very own Grab-It Pack Gadget Holster (or two) at Think Geek!
Jan 5, 2010
by T Goodman

very cool!

This is perfect, John!

Feb 2, 2010
by John P. Barker
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This thing is definitely cool...