The Geek Shall Inherit The Earth, So Sayeth YouTube

Chances are if you're meek, a dweeb or scored low on your most recent IQ Test, you are oblivious to YouTube Geek Week. However, with over 9 million subscribers, obviously being geek isn't for the weak of heart any more (for those who remember when Charles Atlas use to get sand kicked in his face).

YouTube Geek Week is game on, from August 4-10, highlighting different themes daily, including "Global Geekery," "Gaming," and "Braniac" Tuesday. This is a virtual event where YouTube visitors can check out original content from some of the best online nerd commentators and engage with them in several interactive ways.

For those just learning about this momentous occasion, here's a quick and easy way to dip your digital toes into the YouTube waters to get your geek on before the week ends. Simply go to YouTube and type in "/GeekWeek" (without the parenthesis) and see what comes up.

If you're still confused, the above search results page is a fake programming and ASCII layout highlighting some of the weeks events. Google has now a long tradition of perpetrating hoaxes in the form of Easter Eggs. While used by Google extensively, the Easter Egg as an intentional "inside joke, usually accompanied by a hidden message," was first coined by Atari who were alerted to a secret message hidden by game designer Warren Robinett in his widely popular game, "Adventure."

The fake ASCII layout is just one of dozens of other Easter Eggs that come part and parcel with this year's YouTube Geek Week. Here are a few others that have already been revealed:

Beam me up, Scotty!
Borrowing from one of Star Trek‘s most popular sayings, this will animate the videos in a way so that they appear to materialize onto your screen like it came from a transporter.

To help promote your geek cred, YouTube is offering badges that you can earn just by watching Geek Week videos. The service will be dropping hints on Twitter with the hashtag #GeekWeek. And if you don’t want the badges to be featured anymore, just clear your browser data.

Use the Force, Luke
One of the most recognizable sayings of the science fiction and geek world ( a la "The Big Bang Theory," Bazinga! ) this Easter Egg will make thumbnails and page elements on the screen float around to simulate them being controlled by “The Force” as the mouse is moved. To activate this feature, search on YouTube for “use the force luke”.

YouTube says that in order to figure out what the Easter Egg will be for the day, it’s best to follow them on Google+, and Facebook, as it will be posting riddles for users to solve. For example, for the “Use the force, Luke” surprise, it displayed this riddle:

Dopo mee gusha, peedunky? Bosco “Use The Force Luke” and Bargon u noa-a-uyat. [Clue: This language is Huttese (Jabba the Hutt’s language)]

More than 100 YouTube channels will be highlighted during this seven-day event and will feature original videos, series premiers, creative collaborations, and other popular geek videos found on the social network.

YouTube also posts a clue a day around 12 p.m. PT to its Twitter account (which BTW has over 31 million followers - now that's a lot Geeks hailing from the Twittersphere!)

Aug 12, 2013
by Anonymous

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