Geek-Chic Purse Made From Recycled Keyboard

Purses can make bold statements without dominating an entire outfit, so it's much easier for even those less adventurous in fashion to take the risk with a unique purse. This one is made from recycled materials that everyone today should be well-familiar with, and it has a geek-chic look to go with it.

Recylced Keyboard PurseRecylced Keyboard Purse

From Neatorama, the Recycled Keyboard Purse is exactly what it says. They've made a few different styles, but change the design in order to best fit the trends of the season. This is a one-strap medium size purse that can be worn over one shoulder or across the body and it zips across the top for functionality. This Recycled Keyboard Purse is ideal for the eco-conscious who appreciate a little geek-chic fashion!