Geekiest Gifts For The Holidays: ThinkGeek’s 5 Dorkiest Fashion Accessories!

ThinkGeek is known for compiling some of the geekiest items available on the market, and their clothing accessories don't fall flat. For the nerd in your life, shop at ThinkGeek this holiday season and you'll find a selection of accessories that you certainly won't find on the runways in Paris; but they are sure to make every geek or closest geek squeal and snort with excitement!

#5 Geekiest Gift for the Holidays - DIY Dice Handbag

The little Dice Handbag available for ThinkGeek is not for those who appreciate only the ready to wear geeky items; but for those who like to put a little bit of elbow grease into every wardrobe item that they accessorize with. The dice handbag might not seem so geeky - but you might change your mind on that once you learn that its design concept came about in order to give Dungeon's and Dragons fans a geeky fashion way to tote their gear.

#4 Geekiest Gift for the Holidays - LED Belt Buckles


One thing that ThinkGeek isn't known for is their subtlety and this is one geeky accessory that fits right on. It's an LED belt buckle designed to tell the world exactly who and what you are; ideal for the geeky and proud!

#3 Geekiest Gift for the Holidays - Broken Image Necklace

The Broken Image Necklace available from ThinkGeek features an icon that many would recognize, but few would dare to wear! It's geeky, it's great, and it's a bit of a joke that can be a reminder of online frustration for the recipient every time they look at their new accessory!

#2 Geekiest Gift for the Holidays - The 8-Bit Necktie

Whether you're a geek or not, you've got to admit you've probably dreamed of being a video game character at one point or another; don't deny it! The 8-Bit Necktie will really make you feel like you're taking on Mario every time you put it on. If you're not brave enough to make such a fashion statement yourself, but it for someone else. It screams geeky stocking stuffer!

#1 - Geekiest Gift for the Holidays - T-Qualizer Shirt

Who wouldn't appreciate an equalizer t-shirt that moves along with ambient music and noise? It's fun, it's wacky, and it might just attract the wrong sort of attention at nightclub; but hey, those who take geeky fashion risks are used to that anyways and know what they're getting themselves into!



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