Geeky Gadget Of The Future: Wearable Projector Bracelet and Smart Electronic

Camera, projector and WIFI connection in one innovative fashion item, will eliminate needs in the future to carry bulky equipment to business conferences and other information sharing events. Best of all, the Projector Bracelet is one wearable gadget that is also fashionable, with additional features that allow it to coordinate with the rest of your wardrobe.

This innovative wearable gadget is a prototype by Mac Funamizu, while it's not available for sale on the market just yet, it certainly has the opportunity to become a fashionable smart device in the future. Named the Snowcorn Bracelet, the wearable geeky gadget is a projector, camera, WIFI connection, and more. With the Snowcorn device, wearers can scan and send information from business cards to their address books, translate information seen in print, and even provide some GPS style functions.

While a clear wearable gadget may not really fit with your fashion sense, it can be worn as a bracelet, necklace; or just about anywhere. It does have a display interface with the time and date, but the color can be adjusted electronically to coordinate with any wardrobe, so you're sure to impress other conference goers!

Via: Tuvie