Woody Woodpecker Would Be Jealous Of This Wooden Art

German artist Gehard Demetz creates beautifully odd sculptures out of wood.

Born in 1972 in Italy, Demetz first debuted his work in 2005. Using woodblocks, he crafts life-like pieces that all seem to have a story to tell. The emotion on each of the children's faces makes them want to shout out that they were tortured, or even that they want to share a sad tale with you and hope you take pity on them.

When I was little I got to play with woodblocks, but I didn't create anything like this. The most I did was built a fort around me so that no one could see me playing with my Barbie dolls.

These sculptures make me want to hug these children and take them under my wing. I could have a wooden orphanage and collect all kinds of sad sculptures. Anytime someone visits they would marvel at the life-like children that I have. Either that or they'll think I'm crazy and send me away.

I think these sculptures would look great in some old person's house that has been shut away from the public for years. Picture it: the police show up for a disturbance call. They find these child sculptures all over the place and the children seem to be staring at them. Next scene: The police find an old woman clinging to life as she whispers with her dying breath,  "They're alive..they're all alive!" A policeman then turns around and sees one of these children holding scissors above their head about to strike. End scene. What do you think? Could it be a hit at the theaters?

What do you think of these haunting sculptures? What kinds of stories do these children have to tell?

Copyrighted images used with permission. Visit Gehard Demetz's website to see more of this unique artwork!